Virtual Game Show Battle Rooms has arrived! We provide the Game Show Host and Zoom room. You choose which friends, family or coworkers you want to virtually face-off against - from across the street or across the world. Let's Battle!





$19.95 per person





We provide a dedicated Game Show Host!


12 Participants max per Zoom session


Play four Game Show Games in one hour

Each Zoom show is 4-12 participants with their own dedicated Game Show Host. We can host multiple groups of 12 at the same time with a max of 140+ participants.


The ultimate Virtual Showdown! Face-off playing four different game show games during the one hour hosted virtual game show experience!


A friendly feud of the top 4 survey answers!

Solve the phrase with help from letters, hints, and emoji clues!

Try matching your answers to your teammates!

60 second fun and hilarious challenge games!

*Note: Time Rush games will no longer be a part of shows starting December 21, 2020

All booking times in Central Time

$19.95 per person


Start to finish on how a virtual show works

You book a show, we send you a private Zoom video link to share with your group


Remind your group to prep for the show with the items needed (see below)


Two teams will be formed and you will create your team names


You will play 4 different game show games over the 1 hour experience


On the date/time of your show everyone logs onto Zoom on their computer/device


Our host will facilitate the entire show


Teams are awarded "Battle Points" for each game round they win


The team with the most "Battle Points" wins!



Each participant needs the following items you can likely find at your home.

A device to connect to internet with video capability: laptop (preferred), desktop, tablet, or phone. 

10 pieces of blank 8.5x11 paper, or notebook paper

A thick marker, preferably black or a dark color (ex. sharpie)

One or two cookies or crackers (ex. ritz cracker or oreo)


Check out our virtual show customer reviews! Our average is 4.9 out of 5 Stars!

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"Absolutely fantastic! Our host Eric could not have been better!"

- Dyer


What is Virtual Game Show Battle Rooms?

Many of our existing customers reached out during quarantine and asked for a virtual game show experience because of the social distancing challenges from the corona virus. We listened. And we're excited to bring you a wildly entertaining version of virtual Game Show Battle Rooms where two teams face-off playing four different game shows in one hour. Only one team will be victorious and reign Virtual Game Show Champs!

Who can play?

Gather your family, friends, coworkers from across the street or across the world! All in the comfort and safety of your own home. If you have more than 12 participants let us know, we have a solution!

How do we all connect virtually?

The person who books the virtual show will receive a private Zoom link for your date and time of your show. Note all booking times are in Central Standard Time. You share the Zoom link with your paid group and everyone can login when your show starts!

Do I need to prepare anything prior to the show?

Yes, each participant in your group will need 4 easy things: a device (ex. a laptop preferred, desktop, tablet, or phone), a thick black marker, 10 pieces of regular or notebook blank paper 8.5x11 size, and a cookie or cracker (ex. an oreo).

We provide a dedicated, super fun game show host to guide the entire experience on Zoom for you and your group!

Who hosts the show?

What's the minimum and max group size?

You need to have at least 4 participants for a show and the max per virtual room is 12 participants. If you have more than 12 participants we can do multiple shows separately hosted at the same time.

How much does it cost?

$19.95 per person plus tax. Note, 4 person minimum for a show. Please note if you only pay for 4 participants but more than 4 participate on your show we will charge for the additional participants.

What if I have two people for only one screen to share?

If you have two people at the same residence a part of a show (a couple for example), but only one device to share (i.e. a computer or tablet), this experience will still work. Note that two participants playing on one screen still counts as two participants for paying purposes.

What if we have more than 12 participants?

No problem! We can host multiple groups of 12 at the same time with each virtual room of 12 getting their own dedicated game show host. For example, if your team is 36 people we will spilt your group into 3 separate groups of 12 and all play the Virtual Show at the same time. Our max is 10 shows simultaneously with a max of 140 participants total.

Zoom is preferred, but we could also host Microsoft Teams if you are not able to use Zoom.

Can we use a different platform other than Zoom?


Have any Virtual Game Show questions? Contact us and we're happy to help!


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